Melon CMS component integrates into existing ASP.NET websites, making them more dynamic and edit-friendly through a Rich Text Editor, while supporting multiple levels of navigation, content editing and authoring, draft version and live publishing. Even better, when integrating the CMS in your website, you can easily link it to some existing users module or use the ASP.NET membership users.


  • Easy integration into existing websites
  • Multilevel navigation
  • Google friendly URLs (uses URL rewriting)
  • Integrated WYSWYG editor
  • Reusable page templates
  • Integrated with the .Net native Master Page and Site Map
  • Draft version and live content publishing
  • Integration with existing User modules or ASP.NET membership users
  • Customizable design with Themes
  • Authoring roles (administrators, writers)
  • Multilingual support
  • Documented API
  • Installation tool

CMS Component Screenshot