As of June 1st 2014 we will stop all support for Melon Components. After that date all components will be available for download free of charge.

We would like to thank all our customers and friends for the years of partnership we have enjoyed together.

Product Catalog

Organize your products in multiple categories, add custom properties, group in collections and catalogs, specify discounts.
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CMS Component

The CMS component allows you to create dynamic websites and edit their content with friendly Rich Text Editor.
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Forum Component

This AJAX enabled component can be smoothly integrated into any existing ASP.NET websites.
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News Component

The News component allows you to manage and publish rich content news, grouping them in categories and posting comments.
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Our Concept

A Melon Component is a reusable set of database elements, business logic, and interface. Its main purpose is to provide a complete set of functionality for a rather small and closed area of usage – i.e. forum, gallery, news, etc.

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Open Source

Enjoy full control over the open source code, which allows you to get inside and customize the components the way you want. The structured code (with documented API for each component) is very easy to extend for any specific need.


Coming soon as part of the Melon Components family: Melon Blog Component – the perfect tool for furnishing your web project with contemporary and easy to use and customize blogging functionality.


"The Melon Team recently developed our new website and embedded their CMS component in it. Works great, looks great. Job well done!"

Morten Heimstad
Ahead Capital AS.